Global Identity Summit: SpeechPro Launches VoiceKey.WebAccess

The Global Identity Summit came to a close yesterday in Tampa, Florida. SpeechPro – a voice  biometric software company – closed the week filled with keynotes, panels, dynamic discussions and exhibitions by announcing the launch of VoiceKey.WebAccess.

Multifactor Biometrics

VoiceKey.WebAccess is a multi-factor biometric solution, using voice recognition, facial recognition and liveness detection.

The new solution is a multi-factor authentication software that leverages cameras and microphones to combine face and voice recognition for logical access control in web applications. The aim with VoiceKey.WebAccess it to fully replace passwords in a low friction and secure manner. The software is built on standards-based architecture and can be built into web services applications through its API.

With VoiceKey.WebAccess a user gains access by speaking a short passphrase, having her face captured and performing a liveness test to protect against spoof attempts. SpeechPro has a demonstration video on YouTube showing the ease with which this can be accomplished.

Alexey Khitrov, president of SpeechPro USA, comments on the new software, saying, “The addition of VoiceKey.WebAccess offers enterprises a comprehensive access suite for clients who no longer have to remember passwords.”

He continues, “Whether you use your computer for banking, shopping, health-care access or a corporate network, you have to deal with multiple usernames and passwords. VoiceKey.WebAccess from SpeechPro solves the password problem once and for all by getting rid of them. VoiceKey.WebAccess identifies you the same way your friends do—with your face and voice.”

Recently, our sister site Mobile ID Wolrd reported that SpeechPro’s VoiceKey platform has been made available through Avaya’s DevConnect MarketPlace thanks to a partnership announced in June.

September 19, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter