Global Identity Summit: MorphoTrust Awarded NSTIC Pilot

This morning that the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida, NSTIC senior executive advisor Jeremy Grant took the main stage for the day’s first keynote. During Grant’s presentation, between entertaining and illustrative slides of unicorns and Star Wars characters (it was a great keynote), he announced three newly awarded NSTIC pilot programs.

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The Global Identity Summit, formerly the Biometric Consortium Conference. The event’s opening keynote shed some light on the name change.

The recipients of the NSTIC awarded cybersecurity pilots are GSMA, Confyrm and MorphoTrust USA (Safran).

GSMA will be focusing on an interoperable solution that will allow consumers and businesses to use mobile devices in identity and access management scenarios, while Confyrm is piloting a shared signals solution aimed at early fraud detection and consumer privacy.

MorphoTrust, meanwhile, has been tasked with creating an electronic ID that will allow citizens to access online services. Along with the North Carolina Departments of Transportation and Health and Human Services, MorphoTrust will be testing the security, viability and interoperability of the e-credential. According to a press release from the company, MorphoTrust and its partners will be working with $1.47 million over the course of the two year project.

The idea is to provide an eID solution that can lend online operations the same level trust and assurance offered by real life, face-to-face interactions.

MorphoTrust CEO Bob Eckel explains: “Trust is necessary to enable the growing web economy and ensure the security of our identities online. Working with our partners, MorphoTrust’s plan is to facilitate this trust, allowing individuals to confidently assert their identity online, and provide relying parties with the assurance that these identities are trustworthy.”

According to MorphoTrust, the objective is to bring the same level of trust held by the physical drivers license to the online realm. To do this, the public/private partnership will require that MorphoTrust demonstrates the elevation of trust using biometric multi-factor authentication, defines a trust framework that facilitates eID’s acceptance by commercial entities, and prove that said eID can not only be created and trusted, but also used to eliminate the inconvenience of in-person identity proofing.

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September 17, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter