News Roundup: GIS 2015, National ID

Last week at FindBiometrics we kicked off the fall conference season at the Global Identity Summit (GIS 2015) while preparations were made for ASIS 2015. Fingerprints remained the dominant modality in the industry news as our featured look at National ID had us talking about ambitious biometric deployments all across the globe.

Here are last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Electronic, Digital, Biometric ID

National ID Month continued last week with a look at four different National ID deployments from around the world. The Philippines biometric voter ID registration was in the news as the October 31 enrollment deadline marched ever closer. MorphoTrust, in the meantime, was selected for an eID solution being implemented by North Carolinian and Georgian tax collection agencies in order to mitigate fraud.

National ID Month: 4 Biometric Countries

Comelec Registration Centers Stay Open on Eid al-Adha

Tax Agencies Tap MorphoTrust for eID Solution

WEBINAR: Biometrics, National ID & the Future of Global Identity

Iris, Face, Speech

face and voiceIris biomertics will be tracking schoolbus attendance in California in the wake of the tragic death of a special needs student who was found dead on one of the vehicles, having been left unatended in one of the vehicles. OmniVision launched a new USB iris biometrics scanner that can be used on mobile devices, Google announced drastically improved speech recognition tech and BioSSL added facial recognition to its web platform.

Here are the week’s iris, face and speech recognition stories:

OmniVision Introduces Iris Sensor for Mobile

Iritrans System Aims to Automate Schoolbus Head Counts

Google Drastically Improves Its Speech Recognition

BioSSL Adds Facial Recognition to Web Security Platform


Finger scanner iconsFingerprints were all over the news last week, with Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics announcing their respective technologies’ inclusion on the new Meizu Pro 5 handset. IDEX received the first order for its off-chip sensor while  PNC Bank, National Association, announced that its PINACLE mobile banking app supports Touch ID biometric login and we reported on a new transparent fingerprint sensor from Jenetric GmbH.

It wasn’t all positive last week, however, with news that the fingerprint data compromised in the recent OPM hack was much more voluminous than initially announced.

OPM Hack Attack Saw Breach of 5.6 Million Fingerprints

Schengen Area to Require Fingerprint Biometrics of Visitors

Business Uptick Coming For Fingerprint Sensor Makers

Another Meizu Smartphone Integrates FPC Sensor

Precise Biometrics Serves Repeat Customer

IDEX ASA Receives First Order for Off-Chip Sensor

Transparent Fingerprint Sensor Meets FAP 60 Specs

Touch ID Login Introduced to PINACLE App

Biometric Commerce

paymentsVisa showed off its next generation biometric mobile commerce tech to Olympic hopefuls last week. Barclays, meanwhile, launched finger-vein authentication for online corporate banking customers. Alibaba made the biometrics news too last week, inviting EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush to speak at the 2015 Hangzhou YunQi Conference.

Olympic Hopefuls Try Out Visa’s Biometrics

Biometric Authentication Secures Barclays Corporate Banking

Alibaba Invites EyeVerify CEO To Speak At Conference

GIS 2015

GIS 2015We were at the Global Identity Summit in Tampa last week, where Daon’s Conor White was among the speakers, himself heralding 2015 as the true year of biometrics. Tovah LaDier took to the stage as well, lauding the Department of Homeland Security’s new biometric framework and calling for greater industry/DHS collaboration. On the exhibition floor, meanwhile, Crossmatch introduced new fingerprint and palm scanners.

Daon: Consumers Want Biometrics Now

GIS: Crossmatch Launches Fingerprint and Palm Scanners

IBIA Praises DHS Strategic Framework for Biometrics

GIS to Feature Speakers From Industry, Academia, Government

ASIS 2015

Multifactor BiometricsThis week is the 2015 ASIS conference and as such last week we began to get a glimpse of what to expect. Morpho (Safran) will be introducing its MorphoAccess Sigma Lite line of access control solutions and we reported on the many technologies HID Global is planning to demonstrate. EyeLock will be at ASIS too, showcasing its new nano NXT iris biometrics solution. Stay tuned to FindBiometrics this week as we continue to bring you ASIS 2015 news.

ASIS 2015: EyeLock LLC to Showcase nano NXT

ASIS 2015: Introducing MorphoAccess SIGMA Lite

HID Global to Demonstrate Range of Tech at ASIS 2015

New Places, New Partners

New Places New PartnersRounding things out this week, MorphoTrak (Safran) opened a facility in West Virginia –  a prime location for biometrics. Aware, Inc. was in the news too, announcing that Certisign has licensed a number of its products, further building the company’s momentum in the commercial sector.

MorphoTrak Opens West Virginia Facility

Certisign Deal Builds Aware’s Commercial Sector Momentum


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September 28, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter