Gionee Sticks with Precise Biometrics Software for Mobile Biometrics

Precise Biometrics software is being used to power the biometric scanning capabilities of Gionee’s latest pair of smartphones.

Gionee Sticks with Precise Biometrics Software for Mobile BiometricsCalled the M6 and M6 plus, the devices are sequels to Gionee’s M5 Plus and M5 Enjoy, announced late last year. Like the new devices, those smartphones also used Precise Biometrics’ Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software.

Also similar is the biometric hardware: Like the M5 Plus and M5 Enjoy, the M6 and M6 plus have integrated Precise Biometrics’ software by way of fingerprint sensors from Fingerprint Cards. The devices once again employ the FPC1145 sensor model.

While Precise Biometrics has prudently expanded its roster of hardware partners over recent months, these latest Gionee integrations underscore the importance of its relationship with FPC, with many such integrations having contributed to Precise Biometrics’ revenues, and more expected to follow.

July 27, 2016 – by Alex Perala