News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016

Last week at FindBiometrics we prepared for Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, which at the time of this publishing is just getting underway. Healthcare Month continued with a look at how biometrics are enabling remote care and the industry news was filled with fingerprints, facial recognition and industry cooperation.

Here is a look back on last week’s top global identity management stories:

Healthcare Month

News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016Healthcare Month 2016 turned to look at the application of vital sign biometrics last week as we examined the current state of telehealth and remote care. If you’re just joining the featured discussion this week, be sure to also check out our Healthcare Month 2016 Primer.

Healthcare Month 2016: Biometric Healthcare in the Home

Talking Biometrics, Getting Ready for MWC 2016

News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016Mobile World Congress is this week in Barcelona, and FindBiometrics is on the scene. Last week, in preparation for the festivities, we posted two interviews that offered a sneak peak into what the major event will hold for biometrics and identity. CEOs from both Delta ID and Sensory, Inc. spoke to FindBiometrics while we also got a sneak peek of Morpho (Safran)’s ambitious presence at the conference.

Here’s a look at how this are shaping up for this week’s major mobile industry gathering:

Interview with Salil Prabhakar, CEO of Delta ID

INTERVIEW: Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory

MWC 2016: Morpho To Enjoy Life in a Connected World

Goodix to Show Off Multimodal Fingerprint Scanning, Wearable Tech at MWC

Liveness Detection

News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016Two major news items dealt with liveness detection solutions last week. Synaptics added anti-spoofing capabilities to its SentryPoint platform and Fingerprint Cards (FPC) announced its FPCLiveTouch technology, which will bring liveness detection to all of its sensor models.

Anti-Spoofing Tech Added to Synaptics’ SentryPoint

FPC Announces FPCLiveTouch: Anti-Spoofing Solution for Fingerprint Sensors

Reading Fingerprints

News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016In fingerprint news last week we saw quite a bit of activity in the form of new scanner announcements. FPC announced an under-glass fingerprint sensor solution, SecuGen announced its HamsterPro reader, Synaptics released the Natural ID FS4304 (ideal of side-mounted mobile applications), and Suprema launched BioSign—a mobile fingerprint solution that supports the world’s smallest sensor.

Smart cards were a part of the fingerprint headlines too, with the introduction of the Zwipe ID biometric access control card and the announcement of a new licensing deal between FPC and Precise Biometrics aimed at the smart card market. Speaking of Precise, the company released its year-end 2015 fiscal update, and had some very encouraging news to go with it.

Natural ID FS4304 Sensor Offers Side-Based Mobile Integrations

Introducing Zwipe ID Biometric Access Control

FPC, TPK Announce Under-Glass Sensor Solution

FPC Licensing Precise Biometrics Algorithms For Smart Card Applications

SecuGen Announces Hamster Pro, Its Lowest Cost Reader to Date

Suprema’s BioSign Supports World’s Smallest Fingerprint Sensor

Precise Biometrics Posts 2015 Results, Reaches First-Ever EBITDA Profit


News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016It’s just not a news roundup without a look into the FinTech headlines. Last week we learned that the latest PayPal app update supports Android 6.0 fingerprint authentication, while HSBC began offering multimodal options to its customers. Qualcomm made the news too, with its Qualcomm Haven solution bringing biometric security to Tencent’s WeChat mPayment system.

Revamped PayPal App Enables Fingerprint Authentication

HSBC to Launch Voice, Fingerprint Authentication for Customers

Qualcomm Haven Biometrically Protects WeChat

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016Facial recognition was a big presence in last week’s industry news, with Morpho announcing that Samsung will be integrating its face biometrics tech into upcoming smartphones. The Safran company will also be bringing its facial recognition tech to the GSMA Mobile Connect platform.

In Jamaica facial recognition is set to play a bigger role in passport issuance while, stateside, the modality is keeping Texas transit lines and the Otay Mesa border crossing safe from human threats.

Samsung Mobile Devices To Use Morpho Face Biometrics

Jamaican Authorities to Use Facial Recognition in Passport Issuance

Morpho Brings Facial Biometrics to GSMA Mobile Connect

Texas Transit Agency to Scan Faces of Train Passengers

CBP Begins New Phase of Biometric Border Screening Project


News Roundup: Getting Ready for MWC 2016

Last week the IBIA congratulated the progress made between the United States and Europe in terms of ongoing privacy and data flow negotiations. Meanwhile, Hoyos Labs teamed up with NIST to improve the testing initiatives underway regarding contactless fingerprint scanning, and W3C announced that it is developing FIDO-inspired web authentication guidelines. Finally, we saw an investor update from BIO-key in a CEOLIVE video addressing the company’s key partners and technologies that position it so well going forward into 2016.

Here’s a look at how partnerships and collaboration made the identity news last week:

IBIA Calls for Privacy Shield Negotiators to Develop Strong, Clear System

VIDEO: BIO-key CEO Talks Impressive Partner Relationships

Hoyos Labs Heeds NIST Call for Contactless Fingerprint Collaboration

W3C Announces Web Authentication Standards Project


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February 22, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter