Gesture Biometrics Coming to Online Credentialing System

Biometric Authentication BannersA new partnership aims to produce an online credentialing service based on behavioral biometrics. Software gesture biometrics developer Biometric Signature ID is working with online proctoring specialist B Virtual Inc. to develop the system.

Dubbed Sure-ID, the system will link new user’s biometric data to legal identity documents. And that biometric data will be captured through Biometric Signature ID’s signature BioSig-ID system, which analyzes the gestures users employ to enter their passcodes via finger, stylus, or mouse. The company says that independent testing has found its system to be 99.97 percent accurate in detecting impostors, a system that will undoubtedly prove useful in the credentialing services that comprise B Virtual’s area of expertise. Speaking in a press release, B Virtual CEO Rick Beaudry said, “Having our live online professionals utilizing BioSig-ID’s technology 24 x 7 worldwide will ensure that the person who creates their biometric signature is being credentialed and then watched as a first step in the process.”

Biometric technologies are increasingly finding their way into these kinds of applications, often in educational contexts. For example, remote education solutions provider Instructure recently made a deal to integrate Verificient Technologies’ multi-factor authentication system into its learning platform; and VoiceVault technology is now being used to authenticate users of a driver certification app in Texas. There appears to a be a growing market for this kind of thing, in other words, and getting in at the forefront could pay off for Biometric Signature ID and B Virtual Inc.

July 15, 2015 – by Alex Perala