GenKey Upgrades Biometric Matching SDK

GenKey Upgrades Biometric Matching SDKGenKey has released an updated version of FastAFIS, the company’s biometric matching system. The SDK is now significantly more accurate.

According to the company, FastAFIS’ false acceptance rates (FAR) are now somewhere between 10 and 1000 times lower than the typical range found in practice. It’s the product of intensive research and development; GenKey CEO Michiel van der Veen says that as part of the company’s business strategy, “we continue to invest in R&D, resulting in world-class biometric technologies,” adding that the improvement to FastAFIS should help GenKey “to further strengthen our position in the Election and Health markets around the world.”

It’s another effort on the company’s part to improve its offerings for those two sectors: Earlier this month, GenKey announced a cloud-based version of SPiRE ID, a large-scale identity management platform ideal for deployments in major initiatives such as elections. And earlier this year, the company launched its BioFinger SDK, which offers GenKey partners a sophisticated fingerprint matching system compliant with FVC-onGoing standards. As it continues to improve the technological quality and breadth of its offerings, GenKey is poised to secure a strong position in the election and healthcare markets for its identity management solutions.

May 26, 2015 – by Alex Perala