GenKey Improves its Speed and Accuracy with ABIS 4.0

GenKey Improves its Speed and Accuracy with ABIS 4.0

GenKey has officially launched ABIS 4.0, updating the identification platform with new biometric matching algorithms that will significantly improve the speed and accuracy of the service. The latest edition of the Automated Biometric Identification System is ten times more accurate than previous versions, while the faster identification times will lower the hardware demands for those using ABIS for large populations.  

“To continue creating value for our customers, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of innovation and performance,” said GenKey CEO Michiel Loeff. “This new release strengthens our reputation as the provider of an industry-leading system designed to overcome the challenges associated with enrollment, identification, and verification processes in developing countries.”

The latest updates will also allow ABIS customers to replicate their data in real time, which will make it possible to create backups even while the system is running.

GenKey recently integrated Iris ID’s iris recognition technology, adding multimodal authentication to a biometric identification platform that has already been used to facilitate elections in Ghana and Tanzania. The new release should only increase the overall appeal and utility of the ABIS platform.

March 21, 2019 – by Eric Weiss