GenKey Focuses on Cryptography in Biometric SDK Update

Biometrics News: GenKey Focuses on Cryptography in Biometric SDK Update

GenKey has announced a new version of its longstanding BioHASH biometric SDK, which now features cutting-edge authentication features to keep user data secure.

One of these is BioHASH’s support for Biometric Asymmetric Key Creation. In this process, during authentication or another kind of transaction, the BioHASH software can generate a private key from a fingerprint scan, which can be matched against a public key and then immediately discarded. The private key’s brief lifespan therefore makes it extremely difficult to hack.

The other big new feature is BioHASH’s use of an Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm. Explaining this technology in a statement, GenKey offered the example of the use of ECDSA signatures in Bitcoin, where they “ensure that funds can only be spent by their rightful owners.” In the case of the BioHASH platform, ECDSA signatures can be generated through a fingerprint scan and then sent to a server for authentication “in a fully private manner,” the company said.

“Our latest release truly builds a bridge between robust biometric verification and advanced cryptographic functionality,” asserted GenKey Director of Technology Tom Kevenaar. “It can support secure client/server biometric authentication protocols that keep the biometrics safe even when a server is compromised by hackers.”

Commenting further, GenKey CEO Michiel Loeff pointed to privacy- and data security-focused legislation like the European Union’s GDPR legislation in prompting the need for this kind of sophisticated authentication security. And with biometric technologies increasingly seen as a means of complying with such regulations, GenKey is clearly aiming to set itself apart with its use of cutting-edge cryptographic approaches.

August 23, 2019 – by Alex Perala