GenKey Announces Release of BioFinger Biometric SDK

Fingerprint BiometricsToday, biometric identity and election management systems company GenKey announced the release of the BioFinger software development kit (SDK). BioFinger offers GenKey partners minutiae-based fingerprint matching technology that meets the high scrutiny of FVC-onGoing, an online automatic evaluation for biometric technologies.

In a press release issued today announcing the SDK’s release, Gavan Duffy, GenKey’s CTO, expressed the company’s pride regarding how BioFinger has performed in said third party evaluations. He says, “We are very pleased that our new BioFinger SDK achieved top-5 ranking in accuracy in the FVC- onGoing evaluation and we are especially proud of the accuracy results in the “Hard” category.”

The “Hard” category mentioned by Duffy is of particular interest when sizing up biometric SDKs. Where the Standard evaluation tests biometric tech to set a benchmark for large scale 1:1 matching performed under everyday conditions, the Hard level of testing pits algorithms against particularly difficult situations involving challenges such as noisy images and distorted impressions.

According to GenKey CEO Michiel van der Veen, making BioFinger available to the company’s partners is part of an ongoing strategy to invest in biometric technology.

“The outstanding performance, even on very difficult biometric subjects, is key to continuing to improve our offerings in the election and health markets, as well as to preparing us for the world-wide trend of mobile and embedded applications,” says van der Veen.

GenKey was previously in the news leading up to CARTES 2014, when it announced that its fingerprint technology received WSQ certification from the FBI.

January 21, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter