Gemalto Provides Cameroon with Biometric eID Solution

Gemalto is providing government officials in Cameroon with a highly secure electronic ID (eID) solution. Gemalto Provides Cameroon with Biometric eID Solution

It’s called Sealys Color in PC, an identity card solution that engraves subjects’ photos directly into the card via laser. The company says it’s a tamper-proof solution, helping to ensure that citizen’s ID documents can’t be duplicated or fabricated.

It also enables multimodal biometric authentication, together with the card’s ability to store fingerprint biometric data on its embedded chip. Facial and fingerprint scanning technology can therefore be used together to ensure a high level of certainty in authenticating a citizen via the ID card.

Gemalto has been busy in the African region lately, having helped to enroll voter biometrics in last year’s election in Guinea, and more recently having embarked on a project to provide biometric enrollment technology to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Commenting on its latest contract with Cameroon via its General Delegation for National Security, DGSN head Martin Mbarga Nguele called Gemalto “the perfect match for our ambitious project goals,” adding that its “end to end solution will give us full flexibility and autonomy to manage and operate our new national eID program in house.”

September 7, 2016 – by Alex Perala