Gait Biometrics Specialist Strengthens IP Portfolio

Gait Biometrics Specialist Strengthens IP PortfolioAutonomous_ID, a biometric wearables company, has received approval for two major US patents, the company has announced.

One of the patents, no. 9,188,963, covers an identification solution that uses gait biometrics, as measured via the company’s Bio_Sole footwear insole, to authenticate a user’s identity. The patent could prove significant as Autonomous_ID goes forward in marketing this solution for workforce management deployments and other applications.

The other patent, no. 9,204,797, covers technology critical to its Pedo_Biometric software, which works with Bio_Sole

sensors to track changes in a user’s gait over time. It’s a system the company says could be used to detect the onset of ailments including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and others.

Autonomous_ID isn’t the only company to explore gait biometrics: Zitko’s Arki wristband aims to leverage gait biometrics for fitness-tracking, and FST has incorporated gait biometrics into its IMID multimodal identification system. But it is still a relatively new and growing field, and with these new patents, Autonomous_ID is solidifying its position in this nascent market.

January 7, 2016 – by Alex Perala