News Roundup: The Future of Global Identity

Last week marked the end of September and with it we brought to a close National ID Month. Border control made headlines (and TV appearances), while iris and fingerprint shared the modality spotlight.

Here are the top stories in global identity management from the week that was:


National ID

public-domain-images-free-stock-photos-woman-earth-globe-white-short-outdoors-water-reflection-1000x666Last week we brought National ID Month to a close at FindBiometrics with our webinar “Biometrics, National ID and the Future of Global Identity.” A recording of the full event can be found at the following link:

Webinar: Biometrics, National ID and the Future of Global Identity

Border Control

Biometric Border ControlIn biometric border control news last week we saw strong authenticaton technology implemented in Orlando and Austin airports while IdentoGO by MorphoTrust (Safran) extended its hours of operation to better promote the TSA PreCheck passenger screening program. Biometric border control made it prominently into the world of pop culture and politics last week too, with Trevor Noah, the new host of The Daily Show, speaking to Chris Christie during the program’s interview segment about biometrically guarding the Mexico border.

Orlando Airport Kiosks Upgraded with Facial Recognition

CLEAR to Secure Growing Austin Airport

Chris Christie Talks Biometric Borders on The Daily Show

IdentoGO Hours Expanded for TSA PreCheck Enrollment

Iris Recognition

iris biometricsIris recognition was a major modality in the news last week, having a strong presence at the ASIS conference in Anaheim and beyond. SRI International’s Iris on the Move (IOM) solutions won awards at the show, while Iris ID launched new Iris Access biometric readers.

EyeLock was awarded a patent for passenger authentication last week while VOXX adapted its myris solution for the enterprise and three universities from around the world called for submissions to an iris recognition liveness detection competition.

LivDet-Iris 2015 Accepting Submissions

EyeLock Granted Patent for Passenger Authentication

VOXX Adapts myris to Enterprise Market, Tests on Self

ASIS 2015: Iris ID Launches New Iris Readers

SRI Iris on the Move Products Win Acclaim at ASIS 2015


Google finally unveiled its answer to Apple’s Touch ID last week, announcing its latest flagshp smartphones. The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X both, in addition to shipping with the new pro-biometrics Android Marshmallow, feature Nexus Imprint: a Fingerprint Cards biometric sensor, powered by Precise Biometrics software and mounted on the back of the device.

Nexus Imprint: Google’s Phones Go Biometric

FPC Sensor Built Into Google Nexus Phones

Precise Biometrics Powers Nexus Biometrics


Biometric Voter RegistrationLast week we published an interview with Smartmatic’s Worldwide Business Support Vice-President, Robert Cook, on the topic of how biometrics and the Internet are transforming elections all across the globe. Further to this topic, a municipal district in Bhutan began to test our biometric technology for an upcoming election.

Smartmatic: The Future of Elections is Digital

Bhutan District Tests Out Biometric Polling


MobileSmartphones and biometrics continued their security-minded courtship last week with new devices from ZTE, Coolpad and LG all sporting Fingerprint Cards’ sensors. NTT DOCOMO, meanwhile, announced that it will be extending its lineup of FIDO Certified products and Synaptics announced that its own tech has made it on to two new handsets.

New Coolpad Device Sports Rear-Mounted FPC Sensor

NTT DOCOMO Expands FIDO Certified Lineup

LG V10 Smartphone Features FPC1035 Sensor

ZTE Stays with FPC Sensor in Axon Follow-Up

Precise Biometrics Software On New ZTE Device

Synaptics Tech On Two New Smartphones

Biometrics and Money

Fingerprint protection icons on green background.World Bank and Accenture issued a report calling for universal ID last week while we reported on the pilot for Visa’s biometric EMV standard. In the United Kingdom facial recognition and finance made the news with Worldpay considering facial recognition security for its ATMs.

Pilot Project Underway for Visa’s Biometric EMV Standard

World Bank, Accenture Call for Universal ID

UK Payments Processor Considers Facial Recognition for PIN Terminals

Healthcare, Residential

Healthcare Feature sizeZKAccess introduced a new fingerprint biometric door lock last week, one which leverages the company’s new mobile technology to give users a remote control option for opening doors.

Healthcare made the news last week too, with healthcare workers in Sweden testing out Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo solution and WCA Hospital in the US implementing ConfrimID from Imprivata.

Swedish Healthcare Workers Trial Tactivo

WCA Hospital Implements Imprivata EPCS Solution

ZKAccess Introduces Remote Control Biometric Door Lock

Digital Trust

multimodal biometricsMorpho (Safran) announced enhancements made to its digital trust solution, delivering what the company says is the most comprehensive system of its kind on the market. SureID also made background check news last week too, showcasing its identity management solution, which leverages biographic and biometric tech.

Morpho Improves Digital Trust Solution

SureID Combines Biometrics, Extensive Background Checks


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October 5, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter