Fujitsu to Offer Vascular Biometric Security for SAP Customers

Fujitsu has sealed a deal to offer its vascular biometric authentication technology for SAP IT systems.

Fujitsu to Offer Vascular Biometric Security for SAP CustomersThe company has signed on to a global reseller agreement with realtime AG, a prominent, certified service provider for SAP systems. Through that deal, Fujitsu will offer it PalmSecure BioLock access control solution to organizations using SAP ERP and SAP HANA systems. Ultimately, that means SAP customers around the world will have access to Fujitsu’s palm vein biometrics security solution, which can be used to manage access to devices and other IT assets.

In a statement announcing the move, realtime AG North America Marketing VP Martin Lum exclaimed that his team is “very pleased” to work with Fujitsu and “help their SAP and HANA customers overcome current security business challenges.”

Biometric security is evidently becoming rather popular on SAP systems, with ImageWare’s GoVerifyID biometric identity management platform also having recently been integrated into the SAP HANA Cloud Platform; this appears to reflect a broader trend toward biometric authentication in enterprise IT.

November 22, 2016 – by Alex Perala