Fujitsu Launches Smart Origination Platform

Fujitsu has officially launched the Smart Origination platform it developed in collaboration with ImageWare, InAuth, Intelligent Environments, Mitek, and Trunomi.

Fujitsu Launches Smart Origination PlatformThe platform is designed to help client financial institutions to easily enroll customers in under five minutes, allowing them to digitally collect and verify identity documents, in part with using technologies such as ImageWare’s biometric authentication systems. In a statement announcing Smart Origination’s launch, Fujitsu asserted that it “reduces identity fraud by up to 99 percent and decreases application abandonment by 40 percent”.

The platform could have particular appeal in Europe. It’s designed to fully comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation that will soon come into effect; by offering a comprehensive, multi-channel onboarding platform that won’t violate any such rules, it could attract the attention of numerous financial institutions seeking to adapt to the trend of rapid digitization in financial services.

November 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala