Fujitsu Palm-Vein Solution Provides Physical Access Control at UC Irvine

September 12, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

The Kay Family Foundation Innovation Lab, UC Irvine’s state of the art lab which not only houses impressive communication and design technologies for students of all majors to collaborate in using, but also houses the institute’s AppJam – a competition in which students from any and every discipline work together against the clock to build a fully functional mobile application – will now be protected by Fujitsu PalmEntry physical access control system

Installed by business communications provider smplsolutions, the vascular biometric security solution was selected for the laboratory’s protection because passcodes were deemed too insecure and easy for students to share. The PalmEntry functions on Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology. It is a contactless biometric solution that scans the palm-vein patterns in a user’s hand and compares them to the templates of enrolled personnel who have been granted access.

Fujitsu is a very strong supporter of palm-vein technology. The PalmSecure has been singled out as a world changing idea by Scientific American Magazine and is constantly being refined and made more accessible as a solution. This summer, Fujitsu made news with the first of its kind biometric algorithm that can generate renewable 2,048 bit codes from vascular templates, meaning if a vein pattern or its corresponding code was somehow compromised a new one that corresponds to the user’s hand can still be generated. Expected to be commercialized by 2015, this is not yet the technology protecting the UC Irvine lab, but it goes to show that the precious technology behind its doors is in secure hands.