Fujitsu Updates Aim to Expand Applications of Palm Vein Scanners

Fujitsu is expanding the range of applications for its palm vein scanners with two new devices: The FUJITSU Biometric Authentication PalmSecure-F Pro, and the FUJITSU Biometric Authentication Palm Vein Authentication Board.

Fujitsu Updates Aim to Expand Applications of Palm Vein Scanners

The Palm Vein Authentication Board is only about the size of a smart card.

The former device is an upgraded version of its current embedded PalmSecure sensor technology, offering improved accuracy and enhanced sunlight tolerance. It’s also slimmer and more compact at only 13 mm, allowing it to be integrated into more kinds of devices.

The Palm Vein Authentication Board, meanwhile, is also compact at roughly the size of a smart card, and its biometric capture functionality is entirely handled by its own built-in software, meaning users no longer need to set it up within a Windows or Linux operating system. As Fujtisu notes, this means it can be integrated into a device that already has its own operating system, such a copy machine.

With Fujitsu already having seen integrations of previous iterations of these technologies—as with SoloInsight’s use of PalmSecure in its CloudGate access control platform, for example—these new updates should find some interest in an expanding biometrics market. The PalmSecure-F Pro and Palm Vein Authentication Board will launch toward the end of October.

September 12, 2016 – by Alex Perala