Fujitsu Launches Highly Portable Palm Vein Scanner

USB SL use with Tablet

The new PalmSecure-SL Sensor being used with a tablet.

Fujitsu is launching a portable palm vein scanner, the company has announced. The device will be USB-compatible, allowing for quick and easy authentication in remote settings.

It’s an extension of the company’s PalmSecure-SL Sensor line of products and is aimed at enterprises, particularly those employing BYOD practices. It’s notable for its convenience and ease of use. For one thing, it’s small, at only 62 x 33 x 15.5 mm. It doesn’t have any cumbersome cables – it plugs directly into the USB port of a given device. And it’s contactless, with continuous image capture allowing its software to detect the best image to scan without users having to hold their hands perfectly still during the scanning process.

The device could prove valuable for a range of businesses, letting users securely authenticate their identities on mobile device such as tablets in order to gain access to secure corporate networks. While other companies are also exploring this area, Fujitsu can boast of a wealth of experience in biometrics, having been keen to show off its vascular palm-scanning technology at this year’s National Retail Federation’s conference, and with explorations of other modalities having rounded out the company’s expertise in biometrics more broadly.

June 16, 2015 – by Alex Perala