Fujitsu Hopes to Play a Winning Hand with Casino Tech Combination

Biometrics in Casino GamingFujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a division of the famous Japanese ICT firm specializing in cash-handling security systems, will showcase a variety of products at this week’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas in the hopes of attracting some client casinos. With a suite of new products including cash-counting devices, biometrics technology, and RFID tags, Fujitsu hopes its security concept will appeal to casino managers’ desire for cash control and loss aversion.
The primary biometrics tool on display will be the company’s PalmSecure technology, which uses vascular imaging technology to verify users’ identities – in other words, it scans the veins in people’s palms. Fujitsu is positioning the technology as a useful tool for user authentication, presumably in situations in which casino guests would need to join or leave games and other such scenarios. Meanwhile, washable RFID tags and powerful OEM recyclers (cash-counting devices) will help casino managers monitor their currency as it changes hands and travels within their facilities.
G2E is the largest casino expo in North America, attracting 25,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors. Fujitsu’s booth will also integrate “a popular pari-mutuel gaming ticket redemption kiosk”, which the company hopes will add a bit of fun to their presentation.
October 1, 2014 – by Alex Perala