Fujitsu Brings GoVerifyID to BaaS Platform

Fujitsu has upgraded its Biometric-as-a-Service solution. Available via Fujitsu Cloud Service S5, the platform now features the latest partner software via Fujitsu Software Enterprise Service Catalog Manager, including ImageWare’s GoVerifyID biometric identity management platform.

Fujitsu Brings GoVerifyID to BaaS PlatformIn a statement announcing the integration, Fujitsu Canada Global Biometric Community Lead Derek Northrope credited the growth of mobile biometrics as a driving factor, explaining that “as the number as the number of mobile devices designed with biometric features continues to grow, and as more and more businesses strive to minimize the risk of fraud, we are pleased to have upgraded our Biometrics-as-a-Service offering.” Northrope added that ImageWare’s platform “is able to support virtually any biometric modality, offers multi-biometric fusion, and can securely store and match biometric data in the cloud anonymously.”

The integration arrives at a time of anticipated growth for ImageWare, which recently saw the launch of its GoVerifyID platform on Amazon Web Services, among other important business developments. Calling Fujitsu “a leader in system integrations and cloud services,” ImageWare CEO Jim Miller suggested that the integration should help ImageWare’s technology to reach a range of new businesses and end users.

July 14, 2016 – by Alex Perala