Fujisoft and Mofiria Team Up To Offer Finger Vein Authentication

When it comes to keeping a biometric solution “spoof proof“, one of the best ways to ensure your sensors won’t be fooled is to measure a body part that can’t be copied in the first place. Vascular technology is one of these “unspoofable by design” modalities. A user’s veins are inside of her, beneath the skin.

Today, Fujisoft and mofiria Corporation announced that they are entering a global strategic partnership in order to offer this exact kind of secure technology. Specifically, the companies will be offering mofiria’s Finger Vein Authentication (FVA) solution.

FVA works using pattern-recognition techniques based on sub-dermal images measured by  a CMOS sensor. Using a near-infrared light that is reflected inside of the finger, the sensor diagonally captures the vein pattern image. According to mofiria, this allows for a very flat device layout.

“mofiria, is a vein authentication technology company that spun off from Sony in 2010,” says  Satoshi Amagai, president and CEO of mofiria. “Our goal is to become a leading international solution provider within the biometric authentication industry. We have very strong confidence in the quality of our vein authentication solutions.”

Due to the high security offered by vascular identification, along with a strong focus on accessible design, FVA is ideal for verticals dealing with highly critical access control scenarios. Healthcare and finance immediately come to mind here, and mofiria has already had success in this arena. FVA technology is featured in Chinese ATMs.

“However,” continues Satoshi Amagai, “as a small company, we focus on improving our core technology strength and leverage strong partnerships with carefully selected vendors to provide full solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers. Fujisoft have many years of system integration and development experience which makes them a key partner in order to provide a full end to end vein authentication solution to our customer’s.”

Speaking to Fujisoft’s role in the new partnership, Reiko Yasue, Director of Fujisoft’s Global Business Division, commented that “…Fujisoft can enhance mofiria’s FVA solution with expert System Integration and Development know-how, while also expanding the availability of this technology globally leveraging our international network of offices. This partnership underlines our joint ambition to support customers globally in protecting their most valuable assets from information leakage and fraud.”

July 1, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter