FST CTO Leads Israeli Delegation at ISO Biometrics Meeting

Members of the International Standards Organization are convening to discuss biometric technologies this month, and FST Biometrics will have a prominent seat at the table.FST CTO Leads Israeli Delegation at ISO Biometrics Meeting The company has announced that its CTO, Shahar Belkin, is leading the Israeli delegation for The International Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 37, Biometrics Committee.

According to a statement from FST, the ISO meeting will cover “the standardization of generic biometric technologies pertaining to human beings to support interoperability and data interchange among applications and systems.” Conveniently for FST, this meeting is taking place in Tel Aviv-Yafo in Israel, and is slated to run from today until January 23rd.

For its part, FST has established itself as a leading provider of sophisticated biometric authentication technology. The company’s In Motion Identification system combines facial and gait recognition for user authentication, with an optional voice recognition component as well, allowing for passive access control: Authorized individuals can simply walk up to an access point and it will open for them, while for unauthorized individuals it will remain closed.

“FST is proud to be one of the companies leading the conversation on technological advancements in these fields, as well as taking an active role is developing global standards for biometrics together with other leading experts in ISO,” Belkin commented.

Belkin will also take part in the one-day Biometrics Israel 2018 conference in Tel Aviv on January 16th, where he will speak as a panelist in the “Expanding Biometrics Using Multimodality” session.

January 15, 2018 – by Alex Perala