FPC Unveils New Fingerprint Sensors, its Smallest Ever

FPC Unveils New Fingerprint Sensors, its Smallest-EverFingerprint biometrics company Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has unveiled two new fingerprint readers. Dubbed FPC1022 and FPC1035, the touch fingerprint sensors are the smallest the company has made yet.

FPC is recommending that OEMs install the sensors on the backsides of their smartphones, and suggests leveraging their small size to play around with the look and feel of the integrated sensor, for example by using a circular design. The company is also keen to emphasize that despite the decreased size of the technology, its newest sensors maintain low-power, high-speed, 3D-imaging functionality of its previous offerings.

In a statement, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto asserted that the company’s “R&D organization has continuously succeeded in decreasing the size of our touch fingerprint sensors without compromising the characteristics that make our sensors provide secure and convenient user verification with maintained industry-leading biometric performance.”

While FPC has enjoyed quite a bit of success lately with its smartphone integrations, with multiple major orders helping the company attain higher-than-anticipated revenues for Q1, it might also find some good homes for its sensors in the expanding Internet of Things. The IoT will encompass a range of everyday, sometimes very small, devices that could benefit from light, low-energy biometric technology to keep user data secure; and given that this kind of thing is increasingly FPC’s specialty, an investigation into the IoT market could have some major payoffs.

(Source; Mobile ID World)