FPC’s T-Shape Module ‘A Big Step’ Toward High-Volume Smart Card Production

Fingerprint Cards has announced a new module design for its fingerprint sensor technology. Called T-Shape, the module is intended specifically for smart card applications.

FPC's T-Shape Module 'A Big Step' Toward High-Volume Smart Card ProductionT-Shape is designed to comply with ISO standards for smart cards, and FPC is aiming for Card Quality Management compliance as well. The module takes advantage of the ultra-thin FCP1300 fingerprint sensors announced by FPC at the end of 2016.

In a statement announcing the T-Shape module, FPC smart cards SVP Thomas Rex called it “a big step forward toward commercial high volume production of biometric smart cards,” and highlighted its contactless payments applications in particular, calling it “an area in which we are best positioned to deliver the low power consumption required.”

The new module may reflect an intensifying focus on opportunities in the smart cards market as the mobile biometrics market responds to Apple’s potential shift away from fingerprint sensor technology toward facial recognition. But like some other prominent fingerprint sensor specialists, FPC’s exploration of this emerging market has been underway for several months.

September 21, 2017 – by Alex Perala