Fingerprint Cards Increases Share Capital

Fingerprint Cards has increased its share capital, with the number of its Class B shares rising by 870,000 to reach a total of 318,391,675 shares. The move was restricted to Class B shares, with the number of Class A shares remaining at 6,000,000.FPC Increases Share Capital

In a statement announcing the move, FPC framed it as part of a warrants program initiated after an Extraordinary General Meeting program in November of 2013. The exercise price of the shares was SEK 18.03, with FPC raising MSEK 15.7  in equity.

The share capital increase comes just ahead of FPC’s year-end report, which has been scheduled to be issued on February 2nd. Many shareholders are likely awaiting the report with high anticipation, given FPC’s remarkable performance as outlined in its Q3 report for 2016, and more recent developments concerning its evolving fingerprint sensor technology and its expansion into the PC biometrics market.

January 31, 2017 – by Alex Perala