FPC Sensors Included on Four New Handsets From Four OEMs

Fingerprint Cards has hit the ground running this week with announcements of multiple new smartphone integrations of its biometric technology. New devices from Gionee, 360, OPPO, and Meitu all feature FPC sensors.

Four New Devices From Four OEMs Sport FPC Sensors

Three of the new devices—the Gionee S5, 360 N4, and Meitu M6—feature the same sensor model, the FPC1035. Meanwhile, the OPPO A59 sports an FPC1245. And while the Meitu M6 is Meitu’s first smartphone to feature a fingerprint sensor, all of the other devices are from OEMs that are repeat customers of FPC. Gionee’s W909, announced in late March, featured an FPC1025, while 360’s F4 featured an FPC1035 and OPPO’s F1 Plus, announced in early April, sported an FPC1245.

In other words, the new integrations help to illustrate FPC’s network of continuing partnerships with mobile OEMs, which have helped the company to solidify its leading position as a supplier of biometric sensor technology to the mobile market. And as FPC starts to move into new markets such as biometric smart cards, it looks like it will continue to benefit from these client partners in the smartphone biometrics market, which continues to expand.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)