FPC Sensor Featured on Pro Gaming Mouse

Fingerprint Cards continues to make inroads into the PC market with a new mouse device featuring one of its fingerprint sensors.FPC Sensor Featured on Pro Gaming Mouse The company has announced that its FPC1025 sensor model is being used in the Y720 mouse, by Blasoul, which FPC described in a statement as a “Chinese brand of professional gaming devices”.

FPC has in recent months indicated its ambition to expand beyond the mobile biometrics market into new areas including PCs, particularly since its new CEO came in late last summer. Since then, the company has seen its fingerprint sensor technology integrated into a convertible tablet notebook, and, more recently, into a new keyboard from Microsoft, making it the world’s first keyboard to feature an embedded fingerprint sensor in a key.

Fingerprint Cards isn’t alone in such ambitions. Early last year, Synaptics announced that its fingerprint sensor technology had been integrated into a new gaming mouse from Thermaltake. But FPC’s venture into mouse peripherals is clearly part of a larger project, with the company increasingly extending its reach in the PC market as it continues to see success in its mobile business as well.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)