FPC Revenues Higher Than Expected For Q1

FPC Predicts Q1 Loss, but Revenues Higher Than ExpectedFingerprint biometrics company Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) has announced some initial news about its Q1 results for 2015. The company reports that its revenues are actually 15 MSEK higher than anticipated, having reached about 140 MSEK.

The company’s success shouldn’t come as a huge shock given its recent string of orders for its fingerprint sensors. Last month the company received an order valued at 110 MSEK, which came only a couple of weeks after the previous order, valued at 90 MSEK, which itself followed immediately after a 75 MSEK order.

Nevertheless, the company has indicated that its operating result for Q1 is expected to be negative. We won’t know the full details until FPC releases its complete report on May 21, but there may be reason for optimism given the apparently increasing interest in its technology from the Chinese market, where a number of mPayment platforms – which tend to embrace biometric security – are preparing to launch this year.

May 4, 2015 – by Alex Perala