FPC Sensor Used in Another Redmi Device

Fingerprint Cards technology is helping to enable the biometric capabilities of another new Redmi device from Xiaomi. The company has announced that its FPC1035 sensor is being used in the new Redmi Note 4X.FPC Sensor Used in Another Redmi Device

News of the integration arrives not long after that of a previous pair of Redmi devices – the Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 Pro, both of which also featured an FPC1035 sensor. Xiaomi is a longtime customer of FPC, having also used the company’s fingerprint sensors in devices like the original Redmi Note 4 and the Redmi 3S Plus.

The integration comes at a time when Fingerprint Cards is expanding beyond not only smartphone markets, but also away from single-modality solutions.  The company recently announced its acquisition of iris biometrics company Delta ID—a timely move considering that recent industry research suggests iris scanning to be making a big mainstream splash this year. Furthermore, FPC has been moving to expand into the smartphone and PC markets. This all having been said, the latest Redmi device integration is an indication that there’s still room for fingerprint sensors in the smartphone arena.

FindBiometrics Editorial Team – February 15, 2017