FPC Skyrockets Into Profit with Q2 Results

FPC Skyrockets Into Profit with Q2 ResultsFingerprint Cards AB (FPC) has sealed its position as a market leader with excellent fiscal results for the second quarter of this year. The company’s revenues increased by 912 percent compared to Q2 of 2014, and 218 percent against first quarter of the year.

That puts FPC firmly in the black, with a net profit of SEK 65 million for the quarter, against a Q1 loss of SEK 19 million and an SEK 45 million loss in Q1 2014. Moreover, the company has high expectations going forward: FPC expects revenues of SEK 860 million for Q3, reflecting an increase of 1200 percent over Q3 of 2014; and the company has bumped up its total revenue forecast for 2015 from SEK 2.2 billion to SEK 2.5 billion.

In announcing the results, FPC credited the remarkable improvements to “the growing number of smartphone suppliers who have chosen to integrate FPC’s touch fingerprint sensors in smartphones.” The company has indeed been very busy fostering such partnerships this year, with almost constant announcements of smartphone makers from Meizu to Huawei integrating FPC technology into their new mobile devices. FPC appears to now be the leading supplier of fingerprint sensors for smartphone makers in the Asia region.

FPC also pointed to a boost from Google that could have lasting benefits; Google revealed that its forthcoming Android M operating system will feature native fingerprint sensor capabilities, and it used an FPC sensor as part of a major demonstration of that feature. Not only did this help to promote the FPC brand, but Android M’s new biometric capabilities should help to further spur smartphone makers to integrate fingerprint sensors into their devices, which should prove a business boon for FPC.

August 20, 2015 – by Alex Perala