FPC Tech Featured on MaiMang 5 Smartphone

Huawei is demonstrating once again that it’s one of Fingerprint Cards‘ most loyal clients. The China-based consumer electronics maker has integrated an FPC1025 fingerprint sensor into its newest smartphone, the MaiMang 5.

FPC Tech Featured on MaiMang 5 SmartphoneThe device is a sequel to last year’s MaiMang 4, which used the same fingerprint sensor model. And this new integration follows quickly on the heels of the announcement that the new Huawei Honor 8 smartphone also features an FPC sensor—in that case an FPC1035. There have been many other integrations too over the last several months, Huawei being a consistent, repeat client of FPC during the mobile biometrics boom.

FPC has rode that market expansion to find a leading position as a fingerprint sensor supplier to smartphone OEMs, and has lately even sought to expand beyond the mobile market to explore applications of its technology in smart cards, the automotive sector, and the Internet of Things. A Q2 update scheduled for the end of next week should help to illuminate those activities, and to demonstrate how smartphone makers like Huawei are continuing to propel the company’s business.

July 14, 2016 – by Alex Perala