Lars Söderfjell Leaves FPC Board After Insider Trading Accusations

Lars Söderfjell has left his position on Fingerprint Cards’ Board of Directors in the wake of accusations of insider trading from Sweden’s Economic Crime Authority.

Lars Söderfjell Leaves FPC Board After Insider Trading AccusationsIn a statement announcing his departure, FPC said Söderfjell “leaves the Board on his own initiative.” Speaking for himself, Söderfjell stated, “Even if I believe that I am innocent, after careful consideration and with the company’s best interest in mind, I have decided to immediately leave Fingerprint Cards’ Board of Directors.”

Chairman of the Board Jan Wäreby supported that explanation, saying he and Söderfjell had “thoroughly discussed the situation” and that Söderfjell is doing “what’s best for both the company and the shareholders” by distancing himself from FPC. “Lars has provided an explanation for the events that I have no reason to question,” Wäreby added.

Söderfjell was detained by the Economic Crime Authority on Monday of this week along with FPC shareholder and former Business Developer and CEO Johan Carlström. Both individuals have since been released by the authorities while the investigations continue.

January 25, 2017 – by Alex Perala