FPC Biometric Cards Deployed by Corporate Expense Specialist AirPlus

Fingerprint Cards‘ biometric smart card technology has been embraced by AirPlus International, a company specializing in offering corporate travel and entertainment expense cards.FPC Biometric Cards Deployed by Corporate Expense Specialist AirPlus AirPlus has launched a new dual interface payment card with an embedded fingerprint sensor care of FPC.

The new payment card uses a sensor from the FPC1300 series, a line of ultra-thin Fingerprint Cards sensors designed specifically for smart card applications. By requiring a fingerprint scan during use, the payment card helps to ensure that only authorized cardholders are able to make purchases with the card.

In a statement announcing the deployment, FPC said its smart card technology is “the only solution on the market today which can handle the contactless operation requirements” of NFC payments, adding that AirPlus’s payment platform is “used by 49,000 corporations worldwide.”

News of the deployment comes on the heels of FPC’s announcement of T-Shape, a fingerprint sensor module specifically designed for smart card applications; and immediately after the company’s announcement of new affiliations with Eurosmart and EMVCo, both of which should help to extend FPC’s influence in the payments market as it seeks to further develop its biometric smart cards business line.

September 22, 2017 – by Alex Perala