FPC Announces FPCLiveTouch: Anti-Spoofing Solution for Fingerprint Sensors

FPC Announces FPCLiveTouch: Anti-Spoofing Solution for Fingerprint SensorsFingerprint Cards has announced a new anti-spoofing solution. Called FPCLiveTouch, it’s compatible with FPC’s complete line of fingerprint sensors.

In a statement, the company asserted that the new solution is able to detect spoofing attempts without any increase in scanning time and with no need for additional hardware. It’s an incredible claim, particularly given how widespread FPC sensors have now become in the smartphone market.

FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto commented that FPC’s “complete system offering combining our industry leading image quality with our software and algorithm is the reason we can bring this solution forward.”

FPCLiveTouch should prove to be highly impactful in helping to further secure smartphones and other mobile devices using FPC sensors. The company says that it has already begun to delivery the solution to select clients, and that it will be commercially available later in the first quarter of the year.

February 17, 2016 -by Alex Perala