FPC Anticipates 95% Penetration of Addressable Smartphone Market by 2020

Fingerprint Cards is looking at the big picture in a newly published Annual Report on 2016.

FPC Anticipates 95% Penetration of Addressable Smartphone Market by 2020Calling it the company’s best year to date, FPC notes that revenues increased 129 percent while operating margin reached 39 percent. Delving into the numbers behind the financial picture, the company estimates that its sensor had acquired a marketshare of a little under 50 percent of its addressable market, and that its sensors, in play in 136 smartphone models, are used over ten billion times per day around the world.

Looking to the bigger picture, FPC notes that it has gone from a net loss of SEK 38.1 million in 2012 to a net profit of a little over two billion SEK, a remarkable five-year trajectory. And while the company anticipates some difficulties in the short-term with respect to smartphone integrations, it projects that by 2020 it will see a 95 percent penetration of its addressable smartphone fingerprint sensor market. In the PC market to which FPC is a new competitor, it expects “to exceed the addressable market of slightly more than 200 million PCs by 2020.” Meanwhile, the smart card and automotive sectors will grow increasingly important to the company, and FPC’s acquisition of iris scanning specialist Delta ID should open up new business avenues, too.

It’s an optimistic outlook, and one that reflects the growing enthusiasm for biometrics in mobile devices and the IoT more broadly.

Source: Reuters

March 30, 2017 – by Alex Perala