Four New Smartphones From Three OEMs Feature FPC Tech

Fingerprint Cards has cause for celebration with a string of smartphone integrations this week. Four new devices from three OEMs feature FPC sensors.

Four New Smartphones From Three OEMs Feature FPC Tech

Coolpad leads the pack with its Torino S and Note 3 Plus devices featuring FPC1035 and FPC1025 sensors, respectively. Coolpad is one of FPC’s returning customers, having most recently integrated FPC biometric technology into its Pro 2 device earlier this year.

Lenovo is also a repeat customer, and has returned to FPC technology for its new Lenovo Z1 device, which features an FPC1155 sensor. Meanwhile, 360, which featured FPC tech in its recent F4 device, has now integrated the FPC1035 into its N4 smartphone.

These add up to one of Fingerprint Cards’ biggest weeks yet in terms of integrations, and further underscore the company’s leading position as a fingerprint sensor supplier to smartphone OEMs. They also suggest continuing strength for this line of business as FPC begins to pursue additional markets in the areas of smart cards and the automotive sector.

May 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala