New ForgeRock Feature Dynamically Selects Best Authentication Options

ForgeRock has announced the newest version of its flagship identity security platform.

New ForgeRock Feature Dynamically Selects Best Authentication OptionsThe key improvement in ForgeRock Identity Platform 5.5 is a new functionality that dynamically selects among a variety of authentication options based on the context in which an end user is logging in. That means that in one situation, geolocation and device information could enable essentially passive authentication, while another situation might demand a fingerprint scan, with the system only selecting what’s most appropriate for the context.

As ForgeRock CEO Mike Ellis explains in a statement announcing the system upgrade, “With more flexible and modular authentication processing, companies can eliminate disruption from the omnichannel user experience.” Thus ForgeRock clients that enable this granular approach for their customers can “deliver improved end user experiences, while improving security via an increased number of authentication signals.”

The new feature arrives alongside push notification for transaction authorizations, and a Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard designed to help clients comply with the European Union’s incoming GDPR regulations by providing customers with a central digital platform for managing all of their profile settings.

November 29, 2017 – by Alex Perala