Fingerprint Sensors Are Coming To Smart Cards, Laptops, IoT

It has been a remarkable few years in the mobile biometrics market. Fingerprint Sensors Are Coming To Smart Cards, Laptops, IoTWith Apple having led the way with its introduction of Touch ID fingerprint scanning in the iPhone in 2013, smartphone makers from across the price spectrum have embraced the technology, and continue to do so, with some market analysts now predicting that within a five years, all new smartphones will feature the technology.

Accordingly, prices have dropped, and the market is getting crowded. While mobile sensor makers have enjoyed brisk business, they are now facing increasing challenges from competitors and market forces. And so they are looking beyond the mobile market to find new ways to adapt. Here’s how:

Smart cards are seen as an area of enormous potential:

Laptops and PCs offer the next logical extension of consumer electronics applications:

Emerging IoT and smart car applications are opening new avenues for biometric technologies: