Fingerprint Scanning Door Lock Marketed Via Kickstarter

Fingerprint Scanning Door Lock Marketed Via KickstarterA development team is promoting a new, commercial biometric door lock via a Kickstarter campaign. Called Ola, the system is, on a basic level, a simple concept: A door handle with a fingerprint sensor instead of a keyhole.

Ola’s developers assert that it’s easy to use and fast, unlocking in less then a second. Interestingly, the system relies on a biometric sensor from prominent developer FPC, which has been enjoying a lot of integrations into Asia-made smartphones in recent weeks. Adding to the system’s technological sophistication is its integration of a mobile app: Users can share Ola access through the app, which makes it easy to create temporary keys for friends and other authorized personnel.

The system’s developers also say that they were able to open one Ola lock “more than 31,042 times via Bluetooth” using just four AA batteries, and suggest that an extra set of backup batteries give the device a battery life of seven years.

Biometric door locks are nothing new, but they’re often marketed through business channels that don’t reach everyday consumers. Ola represents something different: One of the first attempts to leverage the advancing technology and decreasing costs of fingerprint sensor technology to market such a system through a mass consumer medium like Kickstarter. Units are currently available at an early-bird special price of $159 USD each.

Source: Paste Magazine

June 17, 2015 – by Alex Perala