Fingerprint Cards Increases Share Capital

FPC Increases Share CapitalFingerprint sensor maker Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has increased its share capital. The share capital increase was the product of an Extraordinary General Meeting held at the beginning of September.

Its Class A shares remain at the same number, while Class B shares have increased by 1,265,000, bringing the total number of shares to 62,239,135. That amounts to SEK 12,647,827, or about $1,482,277 USD, reflecting an increase of SEK 253,600, or roughly $29,721.

The share capital increase appears to be a bit of financial maneuvering in the wake of booming profits. Having risen into the black in Q2 of this year, FPC went on to higher than expected revenues in Q3, with a backlog of orders going into Q4. As a leading supplier of sensors to Asia-based OEMs, the company is enjoying a booming market for smartphone fingerprint sensors.

(Originally posted 10/30/2015 on Mobile ID World)