Fingerprint Biometrics and Clinical Research Programs To Be Subject at DIA 2014

The recent swell in healthcare biometrics news continues today with clinicalRSVP announcing that it will once again be an exhibitor at this year’s annual DIA meeting in San Diego. clinicalRSVP (which is actually an acronym for Clinical Research Subject Verification Program) focuses on subject registration for clinical trials using fingerprint biometric identity management. The company’s mission statement is to improve data reliability and increase the level of safety for patients.

The company’s CEO, Alin Lungescu will be attending the event with clinical RSVP promoting its fingerprint scanner technology used for accurate identification and also focusing on how to prevent professional research subjects from  dual enrolling in multiple clinical trials.

“Accurate subject identification from site to site is the most essential step for preventing dual enrollment, and it starts with biometric technology,” says Lungescu. “A simple fingerprint scan gives sites, sponsors and CROs the confidence that their subjects are in fact not in any other clinical trial.”

This is yet another example of the vast range of biometric healthcare applications. Earlier today we took a look at biometrics in home patient care, last week we saw access control and time/attendance deployments, and there are always the examples found in vaccination tracking solutions around the globe.

DIA 2014 is being held in San Diego. This is the 50th annual meeting that brings together the multidisciplinary life sciences community to foster innovation in the safety and effectiveness  of medical products and patient therapies. It is being held June 15 to 19 at the San Diego Convention Center.

June 4, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter