Financial ID Briefing: Biometrics at Money20/20

The Financial ID Briefing brings you top highlights from the world of biometrics, mobile ID, and finance. It is powered by FindBiometrics and Money20/20. Read about their Premier Biometrics Media Partnership.

Biometric Conversation @ Money20/20

Financial ID Briefing: Biometrics at Money20/20

The FindBiometrics Money20/20 panelists (left to right): David Pollington, Head of Services, GSMA; Rob Douglas, CEO BioConnect; Peter ONeill, President, FindBiometrics; Conor White, President, Americas, Daon; Toby Rush, CEO, EyeVerify.

Biometrics have had a growing presence at Money20/20 since its inception five years ago, and FindBiometrics played a major role in facilitating the identity and biometry conversations over that time. In trend with the year-over-year growth of financial biometrics, 2017 was the most prolific yet for strong authentication technology at the Las Vegas conference, and this was reflected on stage, on the exhibition floor, and in conversation throughout the event.

Even before the conference started, the biometric discourse was underway. We interviewed Money20/20’s Managing Director, Tracey Davies, who provided insight into the popularity of biometrics solutions at the event over the years. When the conference kicked off on Sunday, biometrics were a key part of the Artificial Intelligence-focused key notes and sessions, including a live interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. And on Monday, FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill took to the stage for the annual FindBiometrics expert panel: Biometric FinTech in the Real World.

Throughout the conference, FindBiometrics provided biometrics vendors and experts a platform to extend the industry dialogue beyond the conference with a series of exclusive live interviews. FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill captured the excitement buzzing about biometrics with well over a dozen audio interviews – covering everything from data breaches, to behavioral biometrics, to the effect Apple’s Face ID is having on the biometrics industry – and you can listen to them all by visiting our roundup article.

Biometric Collaboration @ Money20/20

Financial ID Briefing: Biometrics at Money20/20

Tracey Davies, Managing Director, Money20/20 takes the stage to kick off this weeks Las Vegas conference.

Money20/20 served as the platform for major industry partnerships, integrations and collaborations. The week started with the announcement of a Premier Biometrics Media Partnership between FindBiometrics and Money20/20, dedicated to providing thought leadership in their respective industries.

“Money20/20 is proud to collaborate with FindBiometrics, the leading source of biometrics industry news, commentary and thought leadership,” said Money20/20 Executive Director Tracey Davies in a statement announcing the partnership. “FindBiometrics brought Money20/20 its first biometric panel in 2014, igniting ongoing discussions of identity, privacy, convenience and security taking place internationally at our conferences across the globe. Money20/20 is dedicated to realizing the vision of disruptive ways consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. FindBiometrics is responsible for bringing conversations of identity to vertical markets like finance, so this partnership is a natural step for us.”

Another major collaboration that had crowds buzzing in Las Vegas centered around Samsung SDS, whose Nexsign authentication solution was being demonstrated on a new ATM concept and subject to an integration with BioCatch behavioral biometrics technology. The BioCatch NexSign integration is indicative of a new trend we’re seeing in FinTech, wherein continuous authentication via behavioral biometrics is bolstering strong authentication at login via face, fingerprint, or iris recognition. We interviewed BioCatch VP Frances Zelezny to get all the crucial details about the integration.

Biometric Innovation @ Money20/20

As usual, Money20/20 was more than just a way to check the pulse of the financial industries, it also provided a glimpse into the exciting future of money. Mastercard unveiled its Augmented Reality retail solution at the conference, combining wearable, payment, biometric, and connectivity technologies into one potentially game-changing solution. In Mastercard’s augmented retail vision of the future, a shopper wears smart glasses that display virtual items as they walk through a store. The wearable is integrated with Masterpass, allowing for real-time purchasing of the virtual items, authenticated with iris biometrics from Qualcomm. The entire thing sounds like golden age science fiction, but as the announcement video below shows, it’s actually quite intuitive and achievable.

The online shopping space was also a space for innovation last week, with a collaboration between Google and the FIDO Alliance that is set to make payments via PC and Android mobile devices easier and more secure. Christiaan Brand, Google’s Identity and Security Product Manager, spoke about the coming functionality on stage at Money20/20, and FIDO Alliance Executive Director Brett McDowell gave details on how this will change the future of shopping in a live interview with FindBiometrics.

Thirsty for more dynamic conversation about FinTech and biometrics? Join FindBiometrics and Money20/20 on November 8 for the financial ID webinar event of the year, The Evolution of Biometrics and Money.