Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The Roundup

November is coming to an end, and with it we must close out Financial Biometrics Month 2017. Presented on the heels of Money20/20 USA, which featured a greater biometrics presence than ever before, Financial Biometrics Month served as a platform to mark the accelerated evolution of strong authentication and FinTech.

Here’s a look back on the highlights from Financial Biometrics Month 2017:

Starting off Right

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupMoney20/20 is the perfect starting point for in-depth discussions of biometrics in FinTech. This year, FindBiometrics reported live from the show floor in Las Vegas, with audio interviews, keynote and announcement coverage, and our annual biometrics panel that has become a staple of the conference. Of course, biometric finance is more than simply a show, it’s a major vertical market that has been driving the evolution and adoption of biometric technology for years. That’s why on our return from Las Vegas we published a biometric FinTech primer covering everything you need to know about financial ID before diving deep into November’s featured focus.

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The Primer

Financial ID Briefing: Biometrics at Money20/20

FindBiometrics and Money20/20 Announce Premier Partnership

Smart Card Commerce

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupOne of the strongest trends in 2017 has been the advent of the biometric payment card. Now that we’re reaching year’s end, and financial institutions are preparing to roll out the next big thing in convenience and secure transactions, the space is heating up like never before. Shipments of fingerprint-sensor-sporting smart cards are underway while new innovations are addressing adoption obstacles, paving the way for 2018’s credit card comeback.

For Financial Biometrics Month we took the time to trace the fingerprint-powered comeback of plastic payments, while our industry news was filled to the brim with new smart card happenings. Take a look:

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The Fingerprint-Powered Comeback of Plastic Payments

Tactilis Smart Card Shipping With NEXT Biometrics Tech

Feitian’s Biometric Smart Card Uses IDEX Fingerprint Sensor

IDEX Solution Allows For Self-Service Biometric Smart Card Enrollment

IDEX Announces Expansion of Partnership with IDEMIA

IDEMIA’s F-Code Solution To Use FPC’s T-Shape Fingerprint Sensor Module

The F-Code Biometric Credit Card is Coming to Japan


Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupIn a similar manner to how fingerprint-powered smart cards blew up in 2017, behavioral biometrics emerged as a major modality in financial services this year. For Financial Biometrics Month we shed a spotlight on how behavioral biometrics are the next logical step in mobile and online banking, placing them in a long tradition of multimodality in that sector. Find the featured article below, along with some multimodal banking highlights from November’s news coverage:

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: Evolving Multimodality in Mobile Banking

BioCatch Shows How Behavioral Biometrics Work With Nexsign

Nations Trust Bank Uses Daon’s Biometric Tech In Two New Apps

Payment Options

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupPayments are biometrics’ killer app in terms of mainstream adoption. Nothing gets consumers scanning fingers, faces, and irises like being able to make easy and secure purchases. While the channel for payments began relatively simply in the initial days of Apple Pay, the landscape developed over recent years into a complex arena that favors diversity and user choice. For Financial Biometrics Month we looked at four completely different ways to pay with biometrics that perfectly illustrate just how robust the consumer-facing FinTech space has become thanks to the widespread availability of strong authentication. Read our featured article below, as well as some of November’s top news stories dealing with new ways to pay via biometry:

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: Four Ways To Pay With Biometrics

UnionPay Showcases Face-Based Naked Payments System at SFF 2017

UK Supermarkets to Trial Digital ID App at Self-Service Lanes

Smart Vending Machines to Incorporate EyeLock Iris Scanning Tech

The Evolution of Biometrics and Money

Financial Biometrics Month 2017: The RoundupThe theme of Financial Biometrics Month was evolution, and that’s why we centered November around our latest expert webinar: The Evolution of Biometrics and Money. The hour long webcast began with a review of  the biggest FinTech biometrics news out of Money20/20 before Maxine Most, Principal at Acuity Market Intelligence, presented her firm’s latest guidance. Acuity’s research set the stage for a dynamic discussion of biometrics and identity in the financial space featuring expert panelists: Bianca Lopes, Chief Identity Officer, BioConnect; Frances Zelazny, VP Marketing, BioCatch; and Sanjib Kalita, Chief Marketing Officer, Money20/20.

A recording of the webinar is now available to watch at the following link:

WATCH: The Evolution of Money and Biometrics


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Financial Biometrics Month 2017 is made possible by our sponsors BioConnect and BioCatch.

November 30, 2017 – by Peter B. Counter