Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The Roundup

Financial Biometrics Month 2016 has come to an end at FindBiometrics. All November long we shone a spotlight on the exciting, dynamic and always evolving world of biometric FinTech. Weekly featured content, industry news coverage, and an expert webinar panel all helped paint a picture of the current state of biometrics-enabled commerce and shed some light on the promising future for strong authentication and identity tech in finance.

Here is a look back on November’s Financial Biometrics Month 2016 coverage:

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The Roundup

Foundational FinTech

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The RoundupWhen talking about a market that’s growing as quickly as the financial biometrics sector, it’s important to set a baseline. In our Financial Biometrics Month Primer we reviewed the year’s big trends, developments, and innovations in FinTech, providing an overview to serve as a foundation for our month-long focus.

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The Primer

Selfie Finance

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The RoundupIn week two we turned our attention to the selfie. Mobile facial recognition software has become an increasingly mainstream authentication method for financial services apps, but it didn’t happen overnight. In ‘The Rise of Selfie Finance’ we examined the history of front-facing camera biometrics in commerce, the concepts behind its success, and what the popularity of mobile face authentication means in terms of the big FinTech picture.

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The Rise of Selfie Finance

The Future of FinTech

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The RoundupFinTech is experiencing a period of incredibly fast evolution. What started as an area dominated by fingerprint authentication enabled mobile wallets, like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, has quickly opened up into a multimodal landscape of great potential. In week three of November’s featured examination we turned our editorial gaze to the near future, and examined the biometric technologies right around the corner that will be changing the way we bank, pay, and transfer money.

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: 3 Exciting FinTech Solutions of Tomorrow

Biometrics Beyond Payments

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The RoundupNovember’s featured focus culminated with the final FindBiometrics webinar of 2016: ‘Biometrics Beyond Payments: Multi-Factor Security And The Fight Against Fraud.’ FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill was joined by an expert panel as they discussed the role of biometrics technologies in preventing fraud, the speed at which the biometric FinServ market is evolving, the best practices for employee-facing deployments, the importance of identity proofing, behavioral biometrics and much more. Research from Goode Intelligence provided the platform for this 45 minute live webcast event, and the panel consisted of industry leading experts:

  • Peter O’Neill – President & Founder, FindBiometrics
  • Alan Goode – Managing Director, Goode Intelligence
  • Chris Trytten – Vertical Marketing Director, Crossmatch
  • Paul Butler – Vice President and General Manager, Biometrics, HID Global

The Money News

Financial Biometrics Month 2016: The RoundupFinancial Biometrics Month started quickly after our return from Money20/20 in Las Vegas where many of the year’s biggest financial services announcements were made. It was a massive year for biometrics at the lauded financial industry conference, and a great way to set the stage for our November focus. In addition to reflecting on the events of Money20/20, throughout the month we continued to see behavioral biometrics make FinTech headlines, as consumer interest in biometric mCommerce grew, and strong authentication made its way to a prominent cryptocurrency exchange platform. Take a look at some of November’s big headlines concerning biometrics and money:

Biometric Banking Pioneer Climbs FinTech Rankings

Israeli Bank to Introduce Passive Mobile Behavioral Authentication

UK Bank Expanding Behavioral Biometrics Testing

Industry Expert Highlights Biometrics Theme of Money20/20 2016

FIDO Celebrates Money20/20 Success

Bank Customers Increasingly Interested in Iris Scanning: Intelligent Environments

Bitcoin Exchange Gets Biometric Authentication

FirstBank Banking App Combines Touch ID, Digital Certificates


And so concludes Financial Biometrics Month 2016. Join FindBiometrics in December as we begin to unpack our 14th annual industry Year in Review. Be sure to take our short survey and participate in the identity management industry’s longest running year-end tradition.

Financial Biometrics Month 2016 is made possible by our sponsors Crossmatch and HID Global

November 30, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter