FacialNetwork Using Biometrics To Aid Users With Face Blindness

The FacialNetwork has announced a comprehensive face biometric product suite that will ideally see facial recognition everywhere. It sounds like an exaggeration, but the product suite’s announcement describes six solutions, each using the company’s facial biometric technology, that will see strong authentication aiding everyone from mail delivery people to citizens with face blindness.

The suite is based on FacialNetwork’s face recognition app “Name Tag,” developed for Google Glass. The application is a real time search that allows a Google Glass wearer to index people in real life. In February, Senator Al Franken was moved to write a three page letter to the company expressing his concerns regarding unethical use of Name Tag.

Controversy be damned, FacialNetwork is moving forward with its technology.

“With our new applications, we’ve chosen industries where we can quickly make an impact for the better,” says FacialNetwork CEO Kevin Alan Tussy. “FacialNetwork’s mobile facial recognition apps will forever change what is possible in business, education, health care, e-commerce, law enforcement and public service.”

The new solutions bring facial recognition into applications that are appropriately pragmatic. Delivery ID, for instance, allows for an increased level of assurance in online shopping. Upon product delivery, the agent snaps a picture of the recipients face to be matched with a profile in order to authorize the drop off.

The marketing and healthcare uses will be familiar to those up to date with industry happenings. Healthcare ID offers access control to electronic health records, while LoyaltyID singles out valued patrons in retail situations for better customer service.

Possibly the most unique application being suggested here is in FacialNetwork’s ReminderID: a solution used to aid users with prosopagnosia, otherwise known as face blindness.

Tussy explains: “A couple months ago I received an extremely touching email from a gentleman who has severe prosopagnosia. He believed that a facial recognition app on Google Glass would be the only way he could recognize his wife and kids. When I read his story I made it a priority to build ReminderID for him and I’m pleased to say he is already testing a beta version.”

July 10, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter