New Tech Brings Live Facial Recognition to Police Body Cameras

Digital Barriers has launched what it calls the world’s first live facial recognition system for body cameras.

New Tech Brings Live Facial Recognition to Police Body CamerasIt’s called SmartVis Identifier, and is based in part on Digital Barriers’ EdgeVis platform, which enables live facial recognition against watch lists via smartphone camera streams. SmartVis brings that concept to Digital Barriers’ body-worn cameras aimed at police and security applications. The company also says it will license the technology to other camera and device makers.

In a statement announcing the solution, Digital Barriers said it offers police the advantages of “removing human error from the equation and plugging resource gaps.”

The announcement of SmartVis comes soon after Digital Barriers’ facial recognition technology was put to quite a different purpose, with MENA-based ride-hailing service Careem aiming to use the technology to identify its drivers. The deployment of SmartVis could prove to be a more delicate matter as privacy and other rights advocates push back against increasing police use of biometric identification technologies; but it’s certainly going to find an interested market, given the benefits it has to offer police agencies.

July 18, 2017 – by Alex Perala