City Surveillance Cameras Get NEC Facial Recognition Tech Across Georgia

NEC‘s facial recognition technology is being used to secure major cities in the country of Georgia, the company has announced. More specifically, its NeoFace Watch system has been adopted by the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs.City Surveillance Cameras Get NEC Facial Recognition Tech Across Georgia

Having been installed last month, the system is now scanning the CCTV feeds of about 400 cameras in major cities across the country as part of a broader public safety initiative called “Safe City, Safe Region, Safe Country”. Checking individuals’ faces against designated watch lists, the system is able to automatically flag the appearance of known criminals and terrorists.

In a statement announcing the deployment, NEC Telecommunication and Information Technology Managing Director Tomoki Naka said that the company’s technology is “contributing to proactive crime prevention and efficient criminal investigations.”

NEC’s facial recognition technology has seen some high-profile security deployments in recent months, with US border authorities using it for biometric screening at airports, and police in South Wales outfitting patrol cars with facial recognition-equipped cameras.

July 28, 2017 – by Alex Perala