Facial Recognition in Video Visitations Patent Gets Approval

Patent for Facial Recognition in Video Visitations Gets ApprovalSecurus Technologies, a solutions provider in the law enforcement and corrections industry, has received patent approval for a new facial recognition system. The as-yet-unnamed system is designed to authenticate the identities of participants in video visitations in correctional facilities.

It’s designed to use facial recognition to match the image of a participant in a video visitation against an image of the same person taken during an initial enrollment process. But it can go further too, with an ability to capture facial biometric data of other “persons of interest” appearing in the video feed or even in a still frame.

The system’s inventor, Scott Passe, suggested in a press release that it would also incorporate the voice biometrics technology acquired by the company last summer: “It is based on what we have learned in providing the industry’s best inmate voice communications platform, utilizing features such as our Voice Biometrics Platforms, to the new suite of Video Visitation products,” he said.

In the same statement, Securus CEO Rick Smith called the patent “proof that Securus Technologies is a company of ideas and innovation,” adding that the company’s patents help Securus provide valuable technology to its clients. “Nice job by the USPO getting this one approved quickly,” he added.

The new technology should prove to be a valuable complement alongside Securus other offerings, including its recently acquired inmate communications technologies. It also helps to advance the prominence of biometric technology in corrections facilities, an apparently upwards trend.

June 15, 2015 – by Alex Perala