Facial Recognition Door Lock Aims at Consumer Market

Facial Recognition Door Lock Aims at Consumer MarketA South Korean company is promoting a new facial recognition-based door lock aimed at the mass market. FiveGT announced this week that its Ufacekey door lock system has been installed in a residential building in a community in northern Seoul.

The system is capable of analyzing tens of thousands of characteristics of a user’s face, and can identify an individual in less than a second, according to the Korea Herald. It also features an infrared camera, allowing it to identify users in the dark.

Such capabilities are advanced even for an industrial facial recognition system, but Ufacekey is aimed at everyday consumers, sporting additional features such as allowing smartphones to be used as keys, and letting users set up text and voice messages to be activated when designated users arrive at home.

FiveGT hasn’t announced the price point of its system, so it’s possible that all of these advanced features come at a high cost. Even so, there are rival biometric access control systems aimed at the luxury market, and Ufacekey could find a home there. On the other hand, other companies are aiming biometric door locks at a wider consumer base, and with the right price point Ufacekey could edge out a lot of competition in the mass market with its sophisticated technological capabilities.

Source: The Korea Herald

September 28, 2015 – by Alex Perala