Upgraded Facial Biometrics System a ‘Milestone’ for Innovatrics

Innovatrics has launched a new version of its facial biometrics system.

Upgraded Facial Biometrics System a 'Milestone' for InnovatricsDubbed iFace 3.0, the system is able to perform demographic analysis with respect to the age and gender of a subject and can track multiple faces. But it’s also fast when it comes to identification and authentication, with Innovatrics asserting that it can perform “thousands of facial template extractions per second,” according to a statement announcing the system. It also offers what the company calls a “real-time ICAO check,” which should enhance its appeal in the border control and airport screening market; and the company says it has substantially reduced the size of its mobile SDK for iOS and Android.

Commenting on the upgraded system, Innovatrics CTO Jan Lunter called it “a significant milestone” for the company, adding, “Early evaluations put us alongside the top vendors in terms of matching speed and accuracy.”

Innovatrics already has a proven track record in fingerprint biometrics, with its technology having performed well in NIST testing. Now, with the company having just opened new offices in the US and Singapore, its upgraded facial biometrics technology could further raise its profile.

January 26, 2017 – by Alex Perala